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How to Slow Down Music Audio

Step 1. Load your music file into the web app.

1. Music Speed Changer - Select File

Step 2. Select one or more sections of music.

2. Music Speed Changer - Select Audio Sections

Step 3. Use the tempo and pitch sliders to change the speed and pitch of the audio.

3. Music Speed Changer - Change Speed and Pitch

Music Speed Changer

Real time audio processing from your pc, mobile or apple device

Slow down and speed up your music audio without altering the pitch to perfect that tricky song section. Simply add your audio file to the speed changer app, set your tempo and hit play.

Change the pitch of your music to match the tuning on your guitar. Select an audio section to work on, then change the pitch using the slider – no need to retune to play along to your favourite songs!


Easily create audio loops to work on a section of music. Click and drag your mouse across the waveform to highlight one or more areas, then change the audio speed, and/or pitch. Click the loop button to continuously loop your audio section, so you can perfect that guitar lick!