Rock and blues guitar lessons Glasgow West End

A modern approach to guitar Lessons

Make the most of every guitar lesson with one-to-one and online tuition in Glasgow's West End

Customised Lesson Plan

Whilst online guitar lessons can be a great way to get started with guitar, students can often miss important steps when trying to learn alone. With guitar lessons at Truetone guitar, regular one-to-one tuition sessions at our Glasgow-based studio help to pinpoint and focus on those areas to maximise your development based on your own skills, experience and musical goals.

Fun, friendly and informal

Music should be fun! Our guitar lessons are designed for you to ensure you get the most out of every session, and can be adapted to suit your personal learning style. Crank up your amp with your favourite distortion pedal and get ready to master the techniques and concepts which are relevant to the music you like, and at a rate which suits you!

Learning on the go

Using the latest web-based learning platform, lesson content is instantly available on a wide range of internet connected devices, such as mobile phones, laptops and tablets, so you need never worry about forgetting those important techniques shown to you by your tutor. What’s more, you can book, manage and pay for your lessons online for the ultimate convenience!

All ages, all levels

Whether you are looking for beginner guitar lessons, or tips on how to become the next Steve Vai, players of all ages and levels are welcome. Parents can join in too and can participate in the tutor-led sessions, use the online lessons, or both! Age is no barrier to playing guitar, so tell your granny to buy that Gibson SG she always wanted, and head on over to Truetone Guitar!