6. “Hey Joe” – Bridge Section (BC-106)

Topic Progress:

A bridge is a section of a song which is different from the verse and the chorus and is typically used to link between two repeating elements of the song. Usually a bridge might be used to link the verse and the chorus, however in “Hey Joe”, it comes directly after the solo leading to a verse. Listen to the following clip to get a feel for the bridge section of “Hey Joe”:

We already learned most of the bridge in a previous lesson when we looked at the spider exercise. If you recall, this section used a series of single notes, moving up the fretboard as we played them:

Jimi Hendrix Spider Exercise

For our bridge section, we’ll play the spider style melody we learned before, and end it with a new riff featuring an E major chord, as follows:


Since we already have an idea how to play the spider section, you can practice this new section in isolation before combining the two parts:

Bridge (Part After Spider Section)

Notice that we use some single notes, chords and the hammer-on technique we learned previously to create a Jimi Hendrix style riff at the end of the bridge.

Putting It All Together

Now we can try playing a full rendition of the verse and the bridge section:

Verse with Bridge

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