4. “Hey Joe” Verse – Chord Changes & Strumming (BC-106)

Topic Progress:

As usual, we’ll practice individual chord changes and strumming patterns before we move onto the song. These can be broken down as follows:

C to G Chord Change

G to D Chord Change

D to A Chord Change

A to E Chord Change

Strumming Patterns

The strumming pattern on the E major chord is a little more complicated than we’ve played previously, so we’ll practice this in isolation:

E Strumming Pattern

Since it can be tricky switching from one strumming pattern to another, we’ll also practice the A to E chord change with the different strumming patterns:

A to E Chord Change with Strumming Patterns

Putting It All Together

Having practiced each section in isolation, we can try piecing everything together to play the full verse. Remember to go back and practice the individual chord changes if there is a particular part you are having problems with.

C:1[C Major]
D:1[D Major]
A:1[A Major]
E:1[E Major]

Tip: Open String Strumming. The tempo for this song can feel quite fast when trying to make the chord changes. If you are struggling with a particular change, remember you can use an open string strum on the last strum before the chord change. To do this, take your fingers off the fretboard on the last strum of the chord and strum the open strings whilst you position your hand for the next chord.
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