3. “Hey Joe” – Intro Section (BC-106)

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If you listen to the recording, Jimi uses a few of his trademark techniques for the introduction. These are a little complicated at this stage, so we’ll play an easier version as shown in the tab below.

Intro Section

Intro – Breakdown

In the first measure, play the open E string, followed by the E major chord:

First Measure

The start of the second measure uses a new technique called a slide. When we play a slide, we play the note on one fret using the pick, then slide our finger up (or down) to the next note. In our intro example, we use two fingers to play the notes on the 4th fret of the A and D string, then slide both fingers up to the fifth fret.

Second Measure

In guitar tab, a slide is typically denoted using a diagonal line (marked in red below) to connect the two notes:

The third measure uses hammer-ons, to create our characteristic Hendrix sound:

Third Measure

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