3. How to Read a Fretboard Diagram (BC-102)

A fretboard diagram is similar to a chord diagram and can be used to show chords, single notes and arpeggio and scale patterns (don’t worry, we’ll learn about these in later lessons). A typical fretboard diagram depicts a guitar fretboard laid out horizontally, and starts with the low E string at the bottom of the diagram, moving up to the high E string at the top. The image below shows a comparison between a fretboard diagram and a real fretboard:

If we look back at our previous chord diagram example:

A:1[A Major]

We could show the notes on a fretboard diagram as follows:

fretboard option width=825 option height=240 show fret=0 string=6 text=x color=#FFFFFF fill-color=transparent show fret=0 string=5 text=0 color=white fill-color=#dd9933 show fret=2 string=4 text=1 color=white fill-color=#dd9933 show fret=2 string=3 text=2 color=white fill-color=#dd9933 show fret=2 string=2 text=3 color=white fill-color=#dd9933 show fret=0 string=1 text=0 color=white fill-color=#dd9933
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