Beginners Rock Course

Welcome to your beginners rock guitar course! The aim of this course is to start with some of the basics required by all styles of guitar, and to bring you up to a level where you are ready to start on some of the techniques and skills used by rock guitarists. The course will cover some fundamentals, such as tuning your guitar, finding the notes on the fretboard, and anatomy of the guitar, and will equip you with some techniques and exercises to ensure you get your guitar playing off to a flying start!

Course Content

Lessons Status

2. Getting Started with Chords (BC-102)


3. Intro to Strumming Patterns in 4/4 Time (BC-103)


4. Building Chord Repertoire: Em and A major - Pt 1 (BC-104)


5. Building Chord Repertoire: Em and A major – Pt 2 (BC-105)


6. Building Chord Repertoire: E Major (BC-106)


7. Building Chord Repertoire: F Major and D Minor (BC-107)

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